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If you want a one-stop-shop for Soft-skill/Outbound Training/French Expertise, read on.


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I'm good at these things too

Psychotherapy & Counseling

I weave my qualification in Psychotherapy & Counseling into workshops. I work as a consultant Psychotherapist for corporates

Speaking in tongues

I speak French, English, German, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Hindi

Enabling 'You' To Be Whoever You Choose to Be

I would love to see you be all you can be as you keep redefining yourself. I think you're spectacular !!!

Soft-skill Training

I'm a consultant trainer and facilitator running a gamut of soft-skill programs.

Outbound Training

I facilitate experiential activities for various teams at locations out of the comfort of their offices


I walk with people from India across the world to facilitate their journey. I showcase India to people from across the world as well. I build bridges to and from India.

I can help you with...

French Interpretation 100%
Training 100%
Travel 100%

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